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Recipe Feature: Blackberry Lime Sangria

Recipe Feature: Blackberry Lime Sangria

I contemplated posting this recipe considering it has nothing to do with cheese or charcuterie or building platters.  But then I realized it has everything to do with entertaining and that alone makes it worthy for our readers!  

More often than not you will find me making a pitcher of this in the summertime on a random afternoon before the weekend sets in so it's ready to be enjoyed by friends or neighbors who stop by and relax on the porch with me.  I also tend to create this when I'm planning to make homemade queso dip  or my favorite pulled pork street tacos for a dinner party.  For me it seems to be the perfect beverage pairing for Latin cuisine. 

My recipe for Blackberry Lime Sangria is quick and easy and always a crowd pleaser.  I hope you enjoy! 


1 pint fresh blackberries (in a pinch you can buy a bag of frozen blackberries and let them thaw out before using) 

3 Fresh Limes

1 Fresh Lemon 

1/2 Cup sugar (If you like your Sangria sweet you can add up to a cup) 

1 Cup clear rum (Yep, I use rum instead of brandy) 

1 Bottle of Red Wine (Preferably a red blend, and it does NOT have to be an expensive bottle) 


Muddle the blackberries in the bottom of your pitcher

Cut limes in quarters and squeeze as much juice into the pitcher as you can and drop half of the rinds into join the blackberries

Cut lemon in quarters (remove seeds as best as possible) and squeeze as much juice out as you can into the pitcher and drop half of the rids in. 

Add sugar and rum and mix together

Add full bottle of red wine and mix with the rest of your ingredients

Chill in the refrigerator (if possible overnight) and serve cold with mint garnish if desired



~love in abundance, 

Crystal @ Grazing Goddess Charcuterie 



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