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What we do

We are inspired by the products, producers and the amazing charcuterie/grazing board artists out there. Grazing Goddess Charcuterie brings all of those things together.

The name and idea for what we are doing stemmed from an absolute appreciation of how displaying food in this way can touch our senses. It spells abundance and inspires a grateful heart. When we are sharing food like this, our eyes are engaged, our noses are engaged and of course our mouths are engaged. Better still our hearts are engaged because we are sharing them with the people in our lives that we care about.

We can guarantee that when you shop with us, you'll discover a unique ingredient or snack that changes your palate.

A Message from our founder

My name is Crystal Grover, founder of Grazing Goddess Charcuterie. I have been working with business owners for the last 20 years. The passion I have for working with other small businesses and local businesses is strong. It's important to me to support those other businesses by sharing their amazing products with our customers and by showcasing them in our monthly subscription boxes. It's important to me that the customers who purchase from us, find the products that they receive just as special as we do when we try them.

You can sign up to receive our monthly special charcuterie selections at your doorstep automatically by signing up on our subscriptions page. You can also find a beautiful selection of charcuterie products in our online store. As we continue to explore producers and products, our store will continue to evolve to bring you more.

Be sure to follow us on one of our social media sites! You can find us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Share your own amazing creations by posting photos and tagging us. We love to see the displays people are making.

Thank you for visiting our site!

~love in abundance,

Crystal Grover