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Recipe Feature: "Mexican Lollipops" from Dean Cambray

Recipe Feature: "Mexican Lollipops" from Dean Cambray

When food inspiration hits I've found that the best thing to do is to go with it!  I was recently in a pinch and had an opportunity to get some help from my friend Dean Cambray of Cambray Productions.  Dean is an incredibly talented photographer, food stylist, international food & beverage expert who creates cinemaphotography, stills and has published more than 25 books. Did I mention that he was also a chef at Michelin-starred restaurants in London & France and owned his own award winning restaurant in Australia? (I know I gush a little but trust me if you see his work you understand why!) 

Check links to his website HERE and please go scope his IG. I promise he is worthy of the follow! 

I was in a little jam because a previous opportunity had fallen through for something we were excited to feature in our upcoming newsletter.  Dean was generous to offer up a beautiful photo with a recipe that we could use instead.

I've decide to turn this into a copycat feature where Dean (incredible chef) shares one of his amazing recipes that includes cheese, and I (kitchen hobbyist) attempt to recreate the recipe at home.  Pictures included! 

I was excited to see the name of this recipe is for "Mexican Lollipops" with a Chipotle Mayo!  Even more exciting was the fabulous pictures and recipe he shared with me that was written in a conversational format.  (see below) 

Even though I tend to be a bit of a baby when it comes to heat I chose to follow the directions completely and adjust later if needed.  I was rewarded for my choice once I got to slathering. OMG Mexican Lollipops!  This recipe is now officially on my BBQ side dish menu until forever.  


Here is a copy of Dean's fabulous recipe: (Both for the corn & the mayo!)

-Have that chipotle mayo handy and grate (on a micro plane grater, which keeps it very light) a generous slab of good Italian parmesan (ideally, Reggiano).

-Now, peel back the husks of as many cobs of corn as you plan to serve and leave them attached to the cob. If you have done it correctly, each will look like an adman's ponytail, and will make excellent handles for the corn.

-Remove and discard any silk from the cobs. Still using a hot grill set for direct grilling, position the cobs - neither oiled nor seasoned on this occasion - on the grill, perpendicular to the grill bars, and with the husks protruding from the hood when you lower it.

-After a minute and a half raise the hood, turn the cobs through a quarter of a turn by twisting the ponytails, and lower the hood. Do this each minute for about 6-8 minutes, or until the cobs are golden and flecked with blackened kernels. Lift the cobs off the grill and on to a platter.

-To serve the corn, brush each hot cob with the chipotle mayo and sprinkle with parmesan. And no, don't think too hard about it before you have tasted it. Because you are about to be amazed.

Chipotle Mayo Chipotle mayonnaise, has an infinite number of delicious applications - as a dip for grilled vegetables, as well as a spread for grilled meat sandwiches or for life-altering burgers and mushroom sangers (Australian for Sandwiches).

-Open a tin, remove four whole chilies. remove any stem ends and finally chop the whole chilies, seeds and all.

-Add them, with a spoonful or two of the adobo sauce, to 8-10 tbsp. bottled mayo, such as Best Foods or Hellmann’s.

-Add 2 tbsp. of sour cream and combine.

-Store this covered and refrigerated, in a non-reactive container.

-And if, for any reason, you find this mixture a bit fierce, simply reduce the heat by adding more mayo and sour cream, Or if you want heat, more chilies and adobo sauce.

You are in charge here.

The most challenging part I found about this recipe was simply remembering not to shuck the whole husk off the corn when I got started. But I enjoyed having them on when I was grilling. I also appreciate the way it looks rather than just the corn on a cob.  If you are a big visual eater, you will enjoy it too.  

I didn't grate the cheese quite right and it's possible I slathered a bit more of the chipotle mayo than the example in the original photo but after tasting it I had no regrets about that!  

I love the way this recipe was written and had a lot of fun trying to recreate all of the steps on my own.  Check out my "not even close to as amazing" re-creation photos below.  I promise you the final result was a flavor experience that I will continue to have cravings for!  

My biggest piece of advise if you try this, is to be prepared with extra. People will want more than one after they have had their first serving! 

I hope you try this recipe and enjoy it!  Let us know if you do and share your photos with us on social media.  You can find and tag Dean on IG @deancambrayproductions and check us out @grazinggoddesscharcuterie


~love in abundance, 

Crystal @ Grazing Goddess Charcuterie 



I love this recipe !

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