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This Month's Featured Pairing Highlight

All Natural Uncured Capocollo &
Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago
With Sweet Red Pepper & Port Mustard!

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2024 Cheese Trends

Cheese Trends To Watch For 2024

After doing some digging, we found some fun and interesting cheese trends to share with you as we jump into 2024. In most of the explored resources, there were some key themes that seemed to contribute to what is expected to blow up or go viral in the coming 12 months.Β 

Here is a brief summary of what we learned and what to watch for this year!

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Cheese EDU: Taste Cheese Like A Pro

Cheese EDU: Taste Cheese Like A Pro

Are you a cheese enthusiast or secretly aspire to be? Wondering where to begin?Β 
Doing your own cheese tasting is one of the best places to begin.
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Cheese EDU: Cut The Cheese, Cheese Styling Tips For Your Platters & Grazing Tables

Cheese EDU: Cut The Cheese, Cheese Styling Tips For Your Platters & Grazing Tables

As any grazing platter artist will tell you, all cheese is not created equal when it comes to slicing and presenting it for parties.

Depending on the type of cheese and the shape of cut you purchase, there are a variety of ways you can slice a wedge into pieces and present it on a platter for your guests. Β Β Some are not the easiest to work with but have some good options that still allow them to look nice and bring everything together.Β 

Here are some tips for prepping your cheese for a graze board or platter!

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