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Cheese EDU: Cut The Cheese, Cheese Styling Tips For Your Platters & Grazing Tables

Cheese EDU: Cut The Cheese, Cheese Styling Tips For Your Platters & Grazing Tables

As any grazing platter artist will tell you, all cheese is not created equal when it comes to slicing and presenting it for parties.

Depending on the type of cheese and the shape of cut you purchase, there are a variety of ways you can slice a wedge into pieces and present it on a platter for your guests.   Some are not the easiest to work with but have some good options that still allow them to look nice and bring everything together. 

Here are some tips for prepping your cheese for a graze board or platter!

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Like Butter Baby

Like Butter Baby

One of my favorite Julia Child quotes, "With enough butter, anything is good." validates the foodie fire inside me for finding new and interesting ways to use one of the best condiments on this planet, butter

With "butter boards" being all the rage this past year, it doesn't seem too far off to talk about compound butters in a charcuterie blog. Especially when some of the best compound butter recipes include cheese! 

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Recipe Feature: Southern Style Mac n' Cheese

Recipe Feature: Southern Style Mac n' Cheese

I've been making and playing with this recipe on and off for the last 10 or so years and it never fails to please.  I hope that you enjoy! 
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