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Cheeseland - Ewephoria

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Ewephoria is the ultimate euphoria! Discover intense excitement and happiness when you taste this aged gouda from the Netherlands. Made specifically for the American palate, Ewephoria is a great choice for those looking to try sheep's milk or those who are unfamiliar with it. With its butterscotch sweetness and almost candy-like caramel flavor, this cheese is irresistible on any cheese board. Bring Ewephoria to any party and watch yourself become a VIP. Even kids can't resist its snackable goodness. Its hard texture is adorned with crystals and when shaved into thin slices, it melts in your mouth. For a chewier experience, try it in chunks. Ewephoria is a cheese that pleases any crowd. Pair it with fruity red wines, dessert beverages, or even chocolate and savor the perfect end to any meal.